Why XITpro System?

We provide a system to help small business owners increase business value, make more money, and make their companies salable.

  • The XITpro System is for all small business owners who hope to exit their company someday with enough money for retirement or their next big venture.

  • The system was designed specifically for small business owners who know their product, their market, and their customers, but who have little or no knowledge of how bankers, investors, and business buyers value their company.

  • We’ve developed a FREE WORKSHOP to introduce you to the XITpro System. If you wish to register for the free workshop, head over to the Workshop page.

About Tom Gledhill

Tom Gledhill has founded, built and sold 4 companies during his career as a business owner. He is an M&A Advisor and the author of “How to Sell Your company and not leave Money on the table”.

Tom has been in the trenches founding, building, and eventually selling his small businesses. He understands a business owners day to day stress – satisfying customers and staff, meeting payroll, and concern about future sales.

He has combined his experience from building and selling his companies and helping many other business owners sell their companies, to develop the XITpro System to help business owners increase the value of their company, make more money, and make their business more salable.

About Tom Gledhill